What does Idle No More Mean in Wisconsin 01.04.13

I Stand with the Bad River Tribe

Chi Miigwetch Paul DeMain ... A must read.

Idle No More is about many things, including the weakening of environmental standards in territory in which treaty resources and rights reserved in Canada for tribes will be weakened under Bill C-45 which will clear the way for faster "Development." We are facing some of the same issues in Wisconsin under the conservative Tea Party Governor Scott Walker. (Steve Harper = Scott Walker). Not much difference when non-Native legislators are jamming laws down your throat without your input in Canada, or Wisconsin where they are attempting to build an Open Pit Mine upstream from life giving rice beds and fisheries. 

Wisconsin Republicans say a new mining bill is their "#1" priority in 2013 and intend to push the Bill thru very soon -- over the objection of all 11 Wisconsin tribes. But the Bad River Ojibwe and the Ojibwe Nation, environmentalists and allies will be fighting back -- and now Bad River is going to Milwaukee, WI for an educational forum on Tues, Jan. 8th at 7pm at the Congregation of the Great Spirit at 1000 West Lapham St., Milwaukee, WI. Lets support them.

This public meeting, and future efforts to preserve our environment "in my opinion" are much more important then Round Dance flash mobs in Wal-Mart or street corners. Not that that isn't important for organizing and expending energy, but we need to support Chief Theresa Spence and the Idle No More founders in a forceful way that "protects" our environment for the future of our children and grandchildren, not just scaring Mall customers who don't understand what is going on. 

In Wisconsin, Idle No More means we will no longer stand around and let the Republican or Democratic parties mandate the use of our resources or their degradation. We needs to step up to that challenge - in support of the Idle No More Movement. Thank you!!!