WI Organizations

Northern Wisconsin has an extensive array of organizations that have come together to address the effots of Gogebic Taonite, GTac to develop an open pit taconite mineacross the Penokoee Hills and in Wisconsin's Bad River Watershed. These organizations include:

SWE - savethewatersedge.com

Mad 4 the Penokees - Madiison, WI

Stevens Point Support the Penokees

WPJN - Wisconsin Peace and Justice Network 

WRPC - Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

MIC - Mining Impact Coalition of Wisconsin

PHEP - Penokee Hills Education Project

BRWA - Bad River Watershed Association

MEA - Midwest Environment Activists

LWCV - League of Wisconsin Conservation Voters

TU - Trout Ulimted

WWF - Wisconsin's Wildlife Federation

Sierra Club

SWE - savethewatersedge.com

and many others whose name will be added to this list as it is updated.