Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is an underfunded and understaffed agency, SWE was disappointed that Governor Scott Walker Appointed Cathy Stepp as DNR Secretary. Her appointment appears to have lowered the bar for this agencies ability to protect and preserve Wisconsin's natural resources. SWE wishes to acknowledge the staff working in this system are going an excellent job even with the politicians working to erode the public policies that have protected Wisconsin's natural resources and the hard work it has taken to develop and implement this legislation. This is the very legislation that needs to be thrown away for GTac to proceed with their strip mine proposal for the Penokee Hills;

DNR "Tangled Web" Correspondence 04/2010 -  05/2010

DNR Critic appointed as agency leader by Walker

Taking the politics out of the woods (DNR) and putting the deer (big business) back in Scott Walker style.

Wisconsin's Current Laws and Administrative Rules that govern safe mining!

Legislators and experts debate changing the permitting process for mines and (added by WE staff) for Gtac!

DNR Critic appointed as agency leader by Walker