Wisconsin Energy We Want More Nukes - Bringem' Back 10.08.2012


SWE Note: The Milwaukee Business Journal - Serving Great Milwaukee mast head says it all - Serving Milwaukee. Another organization spilling out of Milwaukee that wants to serve Wisconsins' modern Rome. Milwaukee has its conquering General Walker in the seat of power and his cenutions conttolling the legislative process. In addtion the engines of Milwaukee need for fuel, more rraw materials and more power to feed the machines. Simply, Milwaukee needs more resources and this means our 50 year legacy of a Strong Consersvation ethic needs to be diluted, marginalized, or just simply thrown out ans repalced with modern, up-to-date loopholes, waiers, variances, and exemptions. Milwuakee refuses to become be a self sustaining and quit releing on the old processes that have created this era of fear, mistrust, and confusion. Wisconsin Energy, Caterpillar, Inc, Wisconin Mining Assocaition, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Comeerecne, ALEC, and probably many other organizations ahve whipped up a frenzy for resource mismanagement. Too few politicians are willing to stand for the future, too few voices of concern, compassion, and a vision that will provide for generations are developing public policy. Instead it is the sound of the marching "new day Roman Legions" as they assemble and hearld the new dawn - Thorw out the Mining Mortiorium, restart the Nuke plants, embrace the economic philosophies that creatd this mess, hang on to the industrial models that are not longer sustainable, and search the new empire, this time the world. for resources, cheap or slave labor, and exploit women and children.

Even the Pope,wades in from his old Rome to pay homage ot this new Rome by blessing Harley Davidson gas tanks. One wonders why this pureyor of blessings and graces will take up his highly prized to blessa couple of gas tanks and at not bother with bestowing his papal powers on the world's fresh waters resources, which afterall are true Holy Water.

Klappa: Wisconsin needs to reopen nuke power debate

The Business Journal by Rich Kirchen, Senior Reporter

Date: Monday, October 8, 2012,

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Wisconsin Energy CEO Gale Klapp

Rich Kirchen Senior Reporter- The Business Journal

Wisconsin Energy Corp. CEO Gale Klappa used what may be his strongest wording yet to revive the possibility of adding nuclear-power capacity in the state.

Klappa, speaking to a luncheon audience of the Greater Milwaukee Committee at the University Club downtown, said the state’s nuclear plants are aging fast and will need to be replaced by the decade starting in 2020. A Wisconsin law from the 1970s bars building nuclear-power capacity unless the federal government develops a plan to control and store spent nuclear fuel, he said.

“Frankly I think we need to have in the state of Wisconsin nuclear as an option put back on the table,” Klappa said in response to a question on power sources of the future. “We don’t need a major increment of new power capacity probably till past 2020 in our region, but before then we have to make that decision.”

Klappa called for a debate in the state Legislature about replacing the nuclear power plants at Point Beach and Kewaunee. The plants are about 40 years old and supply about 20 percent of Wisconsin’s energy supply, he said.

For now, Wisconsin Energy customers have ample supplies due to the company’s $7.8 billion “Power the Future” projects that were completed in 2011, Klappa said. He credited the new natural-gas plant in Port Washington and new coal-power plant in Oak Creek with helping avert brownouts and blackouts during the hottest days of this summer.

Wisconsin Energy will attain by late 2013 the state-mandated requirement to supply 10 percent of electricity to residential customers via renewable energy sources, Klappa said. That is when the company will complete a $255 million biomass plant in Rothschild to go with wind farms and other initiatives.

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