WMC Senior VP leaked letter commentary 08/01/2012

James Buchen does deserve the title of Senior Vice President in the dark and twisted world of Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce. Especially after expressing his disdain for dealing with the likes of George Meyer, Bob Jauch or anybody else (probably a reference  Tim Cullen). His insight to these guys good advice to his comrades art WMC. He also deserves kudos for explaining that “at the end of the day the "only logical goal of mining reform legislation if to get the Gogebic Taconite Company to build a mine in Wisconsin.  "In addition he adds to this pearl of wisdom – “Pursuing legislation that does not work for them is a waste of time”.

At least WE know WMC supports, AB 426  WE know the Walker agenda, WE know the Tim Sullivan view that an open pit strip mine twenty plus miles long is only a “ditch”, WE know that our State Senator Bob Jauch trusts Tim Sullivan, and WE know that the Democrats will even agree to demands of Tim Cullen, who did not get his own way, by inventing chairmanships for him to reign over.  Of course the excuse for keeping Timmy Cullen “s take is “This squabble got public because we're Democrats," he said. "We legislate in public and we disagree in public, and I think it's okay to do that."  Tim this is crap and Senate Majority leader Democrat Mark Miller should know this. Maybe you were right the first time by over looking Cullen because he may not be worth his salt as a senator. Now of course, he is charge of the mining imitative and he and his pals will move forward. Senator Miller and the finally have their committee. And Behre-Dolbear waiting in the wings and may be the ultimate strike force to help promote this idea of responsible mining in wetlands.

So where do where are we now: GTac, WMC, Walker, Sullivan, the Democrats, and others will emerge with ideas about "responsible mining". However, WMC's leaked letter says No and wants to support GTac. WMC suggests waiting for the next election fall elections as they are apparently confident that pro mining candidates will be successful.  Power. politics, and  money at work. The message from WE is simple, NO MINE and NOT ONE DROP !