AB426, LRB3520, SB 24             Avoid the confusion!

Do not get confused by all the titles given to the Mining Bills over the past few months. They should all have the same name "Polluters over People" Bill. Here are links to help understand the intent of the bills - throw out water regs, throw out Wisconsin's Mining laws, toss away wetlands, and allow polluted water to flow into pristine steams and eventually Lake Superior. Why? - Because it is the  only way to make money from mining in the Penokees - More questions, need more information, send an email.

Asembly bill 426 Introduced

Who wrote the bill?

LRB 3520 Walkers gift to GTac

SB 24 Polluters over Resources Bill

LRB 3520 Bill and summary 

Devil in Details of the Mining Bill