Tommy Tiffany and Glenn Grothman on the move again! 09.03.13

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After weeks and weeks of Tommy "the mouth" Tiffany spewing forth for the Big Money guys he admires and Glenn, The G man, Grothman leaving Senate hearings for what we are told another sandwich, have decided to embarrass themselves and the republican party one more time. Luther Olson, a self proclaimed moderate Republican, the self-proclaimed science guy Bobby Cowles, and Mike  'gavel pounding loudmouth" Elias will one more time be expected to take one for the money guys. Is it cowardice, greed, ignorance, racism, or just plain stupidity that drives their vote - or is trades offs that offer each a political advantage. A political advantage at the expense of rural Wisconsin communities and families paid for with dollars for urban causes. One wonders if private school vouchers and increased manufacturing where part to the deals? These self appointed vigilantes for Walker don't give a damn about the water and all the beings - the plants, the winged ones, the swimmers, the crawlers, those with two legs, four legs, and many legs. Nor do the cries of genocide appeal to their conciseness. The guys and others are the last vestiges of manifest destiny. These new age social Darwinists look upon these opportunities to promote the chaotic, failed, robber baron practices of the past that have thwarted the middle class forever.  Now they are promoting a Banana Republic in Tribal Country. Make no mistake about these efforts - our rights are being trampled- rights that include: hunting, fishing, gathering, camping, hiking and our access to nature's bounty. The wild leeks, mushrooms, berries, and natural medicines are off limits. Will access to healing ponds, sacred sites, waterfalls, pleasant spaces in the big woods off limits at the whim of any panhandlers who offer jobs and wealth. 

This is the third time in the my 68 years that either the military working with government, or the high rollin' fat cats working with government or all three have teamed up to make me rich:

The first time was a navy officer strutting around (as I recall) telling me project Sanguine would produce good jobs that I could have for the rest of my life - Sanguine became Seafarer and Seafarer became ELF and ELF became gone

The second time: I was promised a "Cadillac in every garage" as soon as the oil wells went in - Terra Energy came and went.

The third time: Dig a ditch; fill it up produce hundreds of jobs - $80,000 plus benies. The ditch turns out to be a 22-mile long open pit mine. And when it is all over, GTac and their operatives will leave a better ecosystem, which will include lakes, streams, hunting, hiking, and camping. A place to enjoy nature - damn these guys are really good - they promise more than creation offers. The new high priests of the information age purchase the media and the message.

And I have ignored the "to cheap to meter" message of Ready Kilowatt, the made if American beginnings of Wal-Mart, and the proliferation of advertising products designed built in planned obsolescence. 

The following exhibits are offered as proof of this folly lead by Tiffany and Glenn.

Exhibit One:         Exhibit 2     Exhibit 3     Exhibit 4     Exhibit 5