ASBESTOS IN THE PENOKEE HILLS IS A REALITY!  Follow the research - Follow the story and Follow the links


Read these reports and articles online. The presence of Asbestos in the Penokees is ignored, denied, minimized, or marginalized by our wannabe president Governor, GTac, misguided republican senators and the higher ups in the Department of Natural Resources. Call or email Senators Tom Tiffany, Bob Cowles, Mike Ellis and Luther Olsen. Ask each of these guys if there is a hidden agenda in the Republican Party to hide the Asbestos threat from mining in the Penokees from the local rural residents. and to ask each if they will introduce and/or support the legislation to REPEAL AB/SB1! 

Bad River Ojibwe Speak for the Water  - Eco Defense Committee "Voices Matter"      

12.03.13 Side-stepping asbestos worries, mine company scales back sampling plan

Asbestos/Asbestiform/Asbestos-like 10.27.13

Asbestos Fact Sheet 10.27.13 (Posted)

Links to more Asbestos information 10.23.13

Re-Broadcast: Ashland County, WI - Mining Impact Committee (Asbestos in the Penokees) - Posted 10.23.13

Bill Williams Claims DNR Dragging Feet; DNR Says “Ball is in GTac’s Court” 10/20/13 by Wendy Thiede

GTac: Approach to Science - "Shoot the Messenger" 10/20/13

More on the latest bad idea from Taconite Tom and his industry handlers 10.17.13     

Taconite Tom at work promoting another "who wrote this" bill.... 10.15.13

Asbestos in rocks won't stop northern Wisconsin mine, GTac maintains 10.17.13 

What Happens Next? (posted 10.12.13)

Mine firm questions protester's role as a state geologist 10.12.13

Grothman Brings Back Asbestos Bill Just in Time for DNR Revelation 10.11.13

Ashland County May Consider Banning Explosives Near Rocks With Asbestos 10.11.13

Northland professor finds asbestos at proposed mine site 10.08.13

Asbestos fibers found in Gogebic Taconite bulk sampling site 10.08.13

High Concentrations Of Asbestos-Like Fibers Found At Mine Site 10.07.13

Asbestos Fibers Found In Rock At Proposed Mining Site 10.08.13

Bad River Band Head Says GTAC 'Covered Up' Asbestos At Mine Site 10.10.13


Gogebic Taconite says tests will show extent of asbestos-like minerals at mine site 10.09.13

Asbestos fiber found in rock at proposed mine site 10.08.13 (The Sacramento Bee)

Read: Abundant Asbestos Confirmed at GTAC Bulk Sampling Site 10/06.13 

GTAC Lies About Asbestos in Penokee Hills 08.07.13

Deadly Asbestos Could Kill Gogebic’s Iron Ore Mine Project 08.06.13

DNR Concerned That Iron Ore Mining Could Release Asbestos-Like Fibers 08.09.13

Department of Natural Resources Focuses on Asbestos-like Grunerite  08.18.13

Thunder on the Mountain 09.05.13