Email to DNR - Turtle Questions from SWE

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Good Afternoon Stacy,         

I would like to follow up on an Email you sent to Maureen Matusewic. You stated that "Depending on where the sampling will be occurring, this could change the measures needed to avoid take of the wood turtle." 

As wood turtles live and thrive in the Penokee Hills what measures would be considered to protect them from the bilk sampling process?

If GTac decides to blast in any of the proposed sites, what measures will assures protection for these turtles not in the immediate site?

What might be the effect of dust, noise, and vibrations from blasting on the wood turtles?

What other critters may be impacted by this change of dates?

And finally, who did the certified review and is it possible to read their research, conclusions, and findings. There may be other impacts of date changes and the vague suggestions whether or not GTac's bulk sampling will include explosives.

Thank you,

Frank K. Koehn