These "Zines" provide information to help us understand more about the Penokee Hills, the history, the people who live here and the efforts to protect the water. There are not, even though Gogebic Taconite’s lobbyist Bill Williams thinks there are hundreds more, more Everglades of the North. The Bad River Watershed is unique and a special place for the plant beings, the winged ones, the swimmers, those that crawl and the four leggeds. This pristine area provides outstanding and exceptional water for trout, sturgeon, and the people who share this place as our home. It is not for sale, it is not a pawn for Milwaukee politicians to use as they play political games, and it certainly is not forr sale to domestic or foreign bankers and investors. 

A Declaration For the Great Lakes

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Miskwaabik (Copper and Biiwaabik (Iron), or Manoomin (Wild Rice) and Niibi (Water)? Now is your chance to make history....

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Mining Bill is a Disgrace and Insult  - Sheila Mitchell

Midwest Environmental Activists

Iron County's lease Agreement with Gogebic Taconite 

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Newspaper Articles from 01/11/2012 The Hurley Hearing

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Heritage of Corruption and Collusion - Amorin Mello