PHANG Phone Tree

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Kaeleen Ringberg and I are organizing a phone tree that will be used for spreading word quickly in case of an urgent event (for example, GTAC begins drilling, or organizing a last-minute protest).

If you are interested in being included in this phone tree, please send the below information to me at Email for questions or comments.


Phone number

What times & days are you typically able to receive and pass along phone calls? (e.g. weekdays after 4:30 and all day weekends)

Town of Residence (if you are willing to provide)

Which of the following actions are you interested in participating in?

Media (Letter writing, phone calls, etc)

Observance/camp out (Observing/recording events, simply being present)

Civil action (Blockades, and other direct actions. Civil disobedience).

Thank you!

Justus Grunow