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Posted August 29, 2013

Posted August 28, 2013

Al Gedicks: Gogebic Taconite failing to win Public Support 08.25.13

Duane Lahti - Retired Water Quality Specialist - GTac's mine not suitable for the Penokees 08.15.13 Read three more statements by Lahti.

Armed guards to share woods with Wisconsin hunters. What could go wrong? 08.20.13

Posted August 25, 2013

Internal email suggests WI DNR eroding key scientific, regulatory credibility 08.21.13

Alternative to Mining? 08.22.13

Chris Cline, the New King Coal, Likes to Swing His Big Iron Fist or Cline's Mining War in Wisconsin 08.22.13

Mining company tells tribe to keep wetlands expert away from site 08.23.13 - Scott Clark I am disappointed with your decision to join the GTac's Bobby Seitz in his efforts to thwart wetland investigation  and protection in our backyard.

"The Division of Enforcement and Science will be eliminated as a Division and its component parts – Law Enforcement and Science Services – will report to the Secretary’s Office." DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp Memo 08.19.13

Posted August 21, 2013

Mining Jobs Openings, Bullk Sampling permit request is incomplete, Bulletproof Securities and more from the StellaReport 08.21.13

DNR under fire 09.18.13

Red Cliff Tribal Chair and Red Cliff Mining Task Force speak for the water

Documents confirm extent of possible pollution from Northwoods mine 08.21.13

Testimony in Hurley mostly against Gogebic Taconite's plan for iron ore mine 08.15.13

Armed guards to share woods with Wisconsin hunters. What could go wrong? 08.20.13

DNR hearing shows widespread opposition to mine 08.20.13

Iron County D.A. Asks For Public's Help In Drill Site Raid Investigation

Posted on August 14, 2013

Bad River Tribe Turns To Federal Government To Stop Mine 08.14.14

LCO Board and Iron County Officials Meet to Discuss Permit for LCO Harvest Camp 08.13.13

Posted on August 13, 2013

A Tale of Two Camps 08.13.13

Ho Ho We Took the Dough!

The Penokee Hills (Gogebic Iron Range in Wisconsin) where they are located and brief description.


Indian Treaty Law Expert: Adverse Effect on Treaty-protected Species Dooms Mine 07.29.13

Dakota Nation Unity Riders Summer 2013

Gogebic Taconite, LLC, potential mining project follow the process as it happens on the the DNR website.

Walker’s Colossal Giveaway to Mining Co. in Wis. Reposted on 08.13.13

DNR Concerned That Iron Ore Mining Could Release Asbestos-Like Fibers 08.09.13

Plain Talk: GTAC: Wisconsin's new 'corporate citizen'  07.12.13 (Posted 08.13.13)

Wisconsin Mining Laws - Scott Walker, Chris Cline, (Gtac) and his operatives challenged by local government. SWE Commentary

Masses of Plastic Particles Found in Great Lakes - Weather.com report 07.31.13

Undercover Agents Infiltrated Tar Sands Resistance Camp to Break up Planned Protest - Are we next on this list? 08.12.13

Bulletproof Securities upgrades webpage - From the Mexican Border to Scotty Walker's third world - America will be safe - The Mercs are here! Posted 08.13.13

Was Bulletproof in Ashland County? If so they could face charges 08.12.13

Scottsdale security firm mired in environmental dispute returns to site 08.06.13

Armed Guards Get OK To Return To Wisconsin Mining Site 08.13.13

Scott Walker should hold Bulletproof Security to a higher standard 08.13.13

Sierra Club offer talking points and sample letter regarding GTac's Bulk Sampling Permit 08.13.13

Mining attempts a controversial comeback in Wisconsin 08.12.13

Hired Guns in the Penokees Video Posted 08.13.13

Iron County Will Decide Tomorrow Whether To Pursue Charges Against Harvest Camp 07.29.13

Posted on July 30

Senator Tommy Tiffany weighs in against the Harvest Camp - (Earning his mining company campaign donations)

Iron County Government, Closed for Business 07.24.13

Attorney Stella Writes to DA and State Re: Mercenaries 07.11.13

The anti-mine activists I know are making frybread not war in the Penokees 07.11.13

Wisconsin Mining Company Hires Armed Guards

Eco-Terrorism or Diversionary Tactics at Harvest Camp? 07.07.13

Greenies vow to make mine owner 'cower in fear' 07.09.13

Posted on July 22

Criminal charges need to filed against GTac and Bulletproof Securities 

Walker’s Colossal Giveaway to Mining Co. in Wis.  Walker's Dirty Deed (Reposted 07.20.13) 

Posted on July 18

Rent-a-Paramilitaries Freak Out Wisconsin 07.08.13

Rep. Katrina Shankland: .."they must realize they don't have the public support" 07.10.13

Bill Williams announcement: BulletProof Securities is gone for now and questions once again are raised about GTac's Operatives Breaking the Law (Read more on Woods Person Blog)

Paramilitary-style guards 'are going to stay,' mining company vows 07.10.13

Statement from Senator Jauch: Gogebic Taconite Security Firm is Illegal 07.10.13

Iron County Defends Employee Gary Glonek’s Racist Rants as Truth 07.07.1

Posted on July 10th 

BulletProof Securities secures the Penokees - Clines army at work in camo and masks 07.10.13

What is going on in the hills 07.10.13 

Automatic Weapons & Guards in Camo: Welcome to Mining Country, Wis. 07.09.13

Penokee Hills Education Project Takes Anti-Mining Message to Hurley 07.03.13  News and Video By Rebecca Kemble

GTac's Timmy Myers files for additional permits 

Complant filed against GTac's Bill Williams 

A lesson to be learned...

Alleged Phone Snatcher Dollar (or is it Wild) Bill Williams 06.20.1

Woman faces charges in June 11 disturbance at Upson drilling site

Ashland County's mining ordinances passed to "Protect Ashland County Taxpayers" 06.20.13

Ashland County Passes New Metallic Mining Zoning Ordinance 18 to 1; Iron County to Follow

DNR denies Bad River appeal 06.19.13

GTac's Bill Williams charged with a complaint - Now who is the terrorist?

Gtac's Timmy Myers drops bomb - filed for permits to charge on.

Protesters Interrupt Drilling In Penokees 06.12.13

We are the overburden 06.17.13


We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin.  We’re going to spend more. MacIver confession 06.15.13 

LCO Tribe Finds 'Brand New Way' To Protest: With A Harvest Camp 06.14.13

Unlikely Alliances by Zolton Grossman 06.12.13                            

Iron mine's fate may hinge on 19th century treaties 03.07.13 (Posted 06.11.13)

Wisconsin's Water at a Crisis Point - Thanks to Senators Bobby Cowles, Luther Olsen, Mike Ellis, Tommy Tiffany and their mentor Scotty "Fritzie" Walker  06.02.13

Walker leads Wisconsin's Water Crisis (05.31.13)

Most Wisconsin Tribes United Against GOP Mining Bill (Posted 07.11.13)

And the Wheels Slowly Turn - Woodsperson Blog 05.31.13

Pictures of previous bore samples - Are these examples of "responsible mining"? 06.10.13

Wisconsin Inc., for sale to Top Donors like GTAC, Koch and Cline Industries  6/10/2013 



The way I see it.. Mark Otzelberger  05.28.13

London Shareholders Meeting Comments – and Rio Tinto’s Response Save the Wild UP (SWUP) Report 05.25.13

Underground water levels dropping in sharply, USGS says 05.20.13

Defend the Bad River Mining Task Force Updates 05.13

Is it worth it?  05.21.13

Wisconsin's Public Trust Doctrine (Posted 05.22.13)

Activists deliver "DNR" order to the DNR 05.21.13

Wisconsin mining law reforms benefit polluters 05.14.13

07.07.13 WQOW News 18 Eau Claire, WI  "Mine of Information: Exploring the options in the Northwoods Part One"

GTac has no answers for the  Iron County Board or Iron County Residents 05.01.13


Is this a Gtac expense thrown on the shoulders of Iron county Taxpayers? 04.28.13

University of Minnesota Taconite Mine Workers Study 04.15.13

Bibliography of Papers on Iron Deposits in the Penokee Hills

Jesse Venture Exposes the Global Water Conspiracy Dirty money and greed threatens all us!

Nestlé chairman says water is not a human right

Nukes and OIl

Cliffs says Northshore ready to produce new-age taconite 04.25.13

Heated Discussion Over Mining at Iron County Board Meeting Tuesday 04.24.13

Extreme Mining Advocates Ramp Up Propaganda in Face of Mining Bill Failure 03. 11.2012 by Barbara With

Plain Talk: MacIver an expert at the old 'razzle dazzle' 04.24.13  MacIver's smoke and mirrors used to support Walker.

The Fight Against Wisconsin's Iron Mine (A four part series by Al Gedicks) 04.16.13

State of the Tribal Nations in Wisconsin (Updated 4.10.13)

OIl, Pipelines and Barges - The next wave of invasive Species 04.14.13

Walker prepares for first overseas trade mission 04.10.13

Scientific information about the proposed GTac mine in NW Wisconsin AWESOME 04.11.13

Mining lease provides many benefits for mining company, few for Iron County residents 04.10.13

Grand Opening of Penokee Hills Education Project Office 04.05.13

Experts analysis - No Mine!

Great Lakes Commons - The People's Plan to Protect the Great Lakes Forever

Wisconsin Gets WHat It Voted For Twice 03.06.13

What will mining law bring first, jobs or a legal challenge? 03.12.13

03.26.13 GTac requested to attend Iron County Board Meeting

03.02.13 Ojibwe didn't protect wetlands for a mine!

03.23.13 Northland College Pow-Wow Harlem Shake (Lead Dancer Elder Joe Rose)

03.22.13 Snow slows down Tim Myers and GTac

03.11.13 Wisconsin Business Alliance - Walker repeating mistakes of the past 

03.16.13 Scotty "Fritz" Walker wants the White House - Idiot and his ego unleashed!

03.06.13 Scott Suder spreads manure! 

03.11.13 "Fritz Waker" signs bill to accommodate campaign donors to his Republican party stooges

03.11.13 Steineke Mouths off - supports Mary "Bang Bang" Wiiliams & Tom "Boom Boom" Tiffany dismisses Genocide

03.13 The Tiffany Report -  Sponsored by Luther Olsen, Mike Ellis and Robert Cowles

03.11.13 Wisconsin Passes Walker's contentious mining bill (Olsen, Cowles and Ellis elated!)

03.11.13 Walker blinded by his own ego - Thanks to Senator Olsen, Cowles, Ellis "Boom Boom Tiffany and Rep. Mary "Bang Bang" Williams

03.02.13 Tom "Phony Baloney" Tiffany Attack 

03.02.13  Proposed mine looms as threat to Wisconsin's natural resources