Politician's Soapbox - What a crew! Adds, promises, and spin docs at work.....

More big bucks political spending is on the way - Tommy Thompson vs former DC hedge banker Eric Hovde Million$ of Dollar$ vs many more million$ of dollar$. The downside is we will be flooded with more literature and advertising, more spins on realities and tall tales - The upside -at least little brother "baby cakes" Fitzgerald is out for for now. 

Sen Tim Cullen just said this at a committee meeting on "improving options in high school education" during WI Mining Assn President Tim Sullivan's testimony: "We’re gonna get a new mining law in WI largely thanks to the efforts Tim Sullivan is putting in to this area." July 16, 2012

Bob Jauch runs with the big dogs promoting mining in the Penokees. SWE June 2012

Mineweb promotes Tommy Thompson and believes the United States is the worst ranked state in terms of permitting delays. More pro mine lobbyists ganging and ingnoring the importance of fresh water.. 03/20/12