Senator Dale Schultz Refuses to Comment (12/10)

Senator Dale Schultz has refused to answer repeated attempts by Email and snail mail. 

Editors note: The link to the Billy blog is no longer active, however, Schultz is still active supporting the blowing up the Penokees and these questions still deserve an answer. Seems that Schultz has decided to act like GTac - provide no information or declare the information is proprietary when tough questions are asked. In a moment of clarity Schultz did vote against Walker's budget. However WE all need to know he did vote 100% with his buddies down the street at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. WE suspect he is more afraid of the big money guys than he is of Walker. Is this a feeble attempt to position himself as the next Republican "moderate" to take over in three years when the republicans decide to throw Walker under the proverbial political bus? 08/27/11


Good afternoon Senator Schultz:

Sometime in March of 2006 it was reported that you had a meeting with local politicians and now ex Senator Zien pertaining to a proposed mining project in the Penokee range, located in northern Wisconsin. The particular reference for this meeting was found while during my research focusing on the current buzz surrounding iron ore mining in the Penokees. 

My reference can be found at  I am interested in your perspective of this bog report. Specifically in the comments you are alleged to have made regarding the following report:

 “After a parking lot tailgate presentation on the mines location and geology, discussion turned to political support for the potential mine. "We haven't met with the governor yet but we met with... his aid and we got a rather favorable response", Meineke said. Senator Shultz added, "I think both political parties are way up to our project." The office of Governor Doyle has made no formal public comment on the project thus far.”

1. What did you mean when you were reported making this comment: “I think both parties are way up to our project?

2. Did you mean to infer that you have personal investment in this project? 

3. Who else did you include in the reference to “our project?”

 4. In addition, do you have the understanding Governor Doyle and other political representatives have already decided this is a project is a go? 

5. What is your response to the allegation this meeting may be considered a secret meeting, which may have violated the open meetings law?

6. Was your understanding at this time that Penokee mining project had bipartisan support?

7, Have you personally been an advocate for this project with other legislators?

Currently I am authoring a web page, that is now dedicated to following the unfolding events as they pertain to the Penokee iron ore mining discussions. I make every effort to provide accurate information and would appreciate your comments as to the intent of this meeting/tour and the specific questions referenced above.

I met you some time ago when I was a WEAC Board member and a UniServ president. At the time we differed on our viewpoints of the teacher salary revenue caps, but I did admire you for at least sitting down and discussing the issue with me. Hopefully we may do the same regarding this mining proposal.

Thank you,

Frank K. Koehn

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