Superior Days !! Let's keep all days as Superior Days!!

Superior Days was started some years ago as a method to gain attention to economic development in Superior, WI. Superior Days has grown to include Ashland and Bayfield County. Business, industry, county board types, probably some town board folks and other meet, develop and agenda, travel to Madison and lobby the legislators. In the past the government folks, county board  and employees who were asked to attend were provided mileage (or transportation), food, lodging and the given opportunity to travel around the Capitol pitching their pitch to bring home the political bacon. This was not all bad, social and human services were addresses, environmental and conservation issues were discussed, roads, and education included as needed.  Citizen lobbyists at work. This year WE expect GTac and their operatives to b skulking around promoting their mine and their proposed legislation to champion "Polluters over Resources". The specific legislation LRB AB/SB 24 and LRB 3520 may be reviewed. in addition links are provided for those who may not be familiar with the 'Superior Days" trek to Madison.

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