Time Line 2005 - 09.17.2011

Mine Games is more than just the name of an expensive hole in the water, playground, yacht owned by Chris Cline of GTac fame. Much more! Mine games have infiltrated Wisconsin’s political landscape and found willing players from throughout our state. Most of the players can be found in the legislature and the Governor’s office. These are not the real dealers and wheelers, these are the pawns, the foot soldiers, the drummer boys (and gals) – these are the expendables – the folks who are immersed in the game. The politicians who are caught up in their own rhetoric and self importance or they have been seduced by the illusion of power. The “behind the scenes” have become what they believe are the avenues to importance – meeting in backrooms and rubbing elbows with the very rich or their ambassadors – well paid lobbyists who are the mercenaries of the powerful to legislature. This is a now Wisconsin!  One does not need to search the history of corruption in Madison very far back to discover indictments and former big shots that are in the hoosegow, the big house or the stinker clinker an others probably should be. Rather than search for these villains from the past, WE are starting with the present and working back for the past few months, which may well produce more candidates for the stinker clinker.

09.13.2012 Tim Sullivan announces a new mining bill (worked on behind the scenes) will pass next year

09.2012 Tim (I wanna be Governor) Cullen announces his Senate Mining Committee Hearings schedule.

09.2012 Mine Games reported sighted in New York

09.2012 One if By Land Two if by Sea

09.2012 The Eric of LaPointe declared “see worthy”

08.25. 2012  GTac Still Considering area

08.23.2102 Tim Cullen wants a new mining law 

08.01.2012 Jauch and Cullen say they’ll explore iron ore mining legislation already in place in Minnesota.

07.28.2012 “Corporate Rot Eats Away at Wisconsin” publishes by Rebecca Kemble

07.27.2012 Tim Cullen quits Democrats  (He doesn’t wannabe a Democrat)- Mark Miller, Democratic leader caves in gives in to Tim’s pouting.

07.26.2012 Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Pushes for GTac’s mining proposal.

07.25.2012 Senator Bob Jauch is quoted “I trust Tim (Sullivan).

07.19.2012 WMC’s James A. Buchen writes a letter – He sees no reason to meet with (Bob) Jauch or anyone else. He wants Honadel’s mining bill passed.

07.07.2012 Behre Dolbear hired on to promote GTac’s mine

04.15.2012 Twenty-six years of experience explains why water quality will be threatened if AB 426 is passed 

04.10.2012 “The Jauch Factor” published on SWE

03.30.2012 Bob Jauch meets with Walker and promotes Tim Sullivan, Chair of Wisconsin’s Mining Association to facilitate discussions on new mining legislation.

03.13.2012 Bob Jauch, “Bipartisan Mining plan is the only way”

02.01.2012 Timmy announces he doesn’t wannabe Governor!

01.19.2012 Timmy Cullen announces: I wanna be Governo

01.15.2012 Tommy (Thompson) says Timmy (Cullen) is his favorite Democrat.

01.11.2012 GTac’s President defies logic and simply ignores reality

01.2012 Where are the Penokees and the Bad River Watershed by SWE?

01.2012 Water on the line published  (Produced by Carl Sack)

01.2012 Mining in the Penokee Range showing proximity to Copper Falls State Park 

12.19.2011 Who wrote Assembly 426?

12.14.2011 AB 426 Summary – Thanks to the Nature Conservancy

12.14.2011 Assembly Bill 426 Introduced

12.2011 Map of the Bad River Watershed published

12.08.2011 LRB 3520 Walker’s Christmas Present to GTac (183 pages published on SWE)

12.2011 Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters summary of LRB 3520 (Two pages)

10.2011 Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife (GLIFWC) report published – Sound information on the effects of mining in the Penokee Hills and the Bad River Watershed.

09.2011 Bad River Ojibwe Nation Opposes GTac mine and any mining in the Penokees

08.26.2011 Republican Assembly members Scott Suder and Mary Williams push forward on their own bill.

05.20.2011 Penokee Hills Educational Project formed

05.2011 WMC wants mining application process streamlined 

02.2011 A Measure of a meeting: 

01.19.2011 Gogebic Taconite’s Managing Director, Matthew Fifield, introduces GTac and is extremely reckless with reality!

11.16.10 Caterpillar bets on mining.

04.07.2006 Penokee Mountain Tour 2006 (The kick off) Note: Jim Doyle was the Governor – A Democrat.

10.12.2005 Iron Mining Past Gets a Wake Up Call 10/12/2005