Welcome to Save the Water's 2nd Edition

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 Wisconsin                    Ontario

Savethwatersedge.com is adding another deminsion - A the Lake Superior Virtual Alliance. This Virtual Alliance will provide links and updates for the activists in the Lake Superior Region who are working to protect our resources and water. WE (savetheWatersEdge.com) are offering to post web sites, meetings, festivals, and other local events on savethewatersedge.com. 

The organizational structure for this new dimenson, will include Mchigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario. This may change as this project develops. In addtion, the Ceded Territories will be included. This page will include maps, various discussions and explnations of the Treaties that "opened" up these lands to European immigrants, and the court descisions tht have affirmed the treaies and the excersing of treaty rights. WE suggest that these treaties bepng to everyone who lives in the Ceded areas. It is alo important that to learn how these treaties have defined the rules that were agreed to in the 1800's and the implocations of these past actions on the present. It should not take anyone very long to recognize how the ambiguities, the language barriers, and the quest fro timber and copper ruled the day. Additionaly, it beomes apparent that the land grabbing immigrants meet very intuitive negotiators, who viewed their reality in tersm of how to protect their seventh generation.

This project will needs your ideas and support. Your ideas on how this Virtual Alliance may be imporved and your support with additioal web pages, sources of infomation, and items that should be included.

Thanks and please let WE know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions: savethewatersedge@gmail.com