Who is Chris Cline aka The Cline Group?

The Water's Edge (WE) have received links, comments, and news articles discussing the Cline Group. WE have tired to contact Mr. Cline for an interview and WE have offered to include statements from him discussing the Penokee Hills mine project from his point of view. To date WE have not been successful. His operatives who spoke at a recent public information meeting held near Ashland, Wisconsin were given the information to contact savethewatersedge.comsavethewatersedge.com and to so far have not had a response. HIs operatives were asked to provide WE with the locations of Cline mining operations to help with our research. WE understood this information would be provided and so far his operatives have not complied. Once more time WE extend our offer to include any information they want to provide on savethewatersedge.com. This page provides links to  Cline world and Foresight Energy. Foresight Energy also pursues mining but also has invested in wind energy. 

Cline Mining Corporation

Cline Mining - Madagascar Uranium Property 

URAMAD Morondava Uranium Project PowerPoint Presentation

The Return of King Coal

The New King Coal

Cline Talking Clean as Coal Mines Supply Most Energy Since 1970 

Coal Age: Foresight Energy Invests in Iliinois

Foresight Wind

Damn Ugly Photography (Photos by Brad Trent for Bloomberg markets)

Mine Games: The Chris Cline Yacht

Friends and Neighbors?