Wisconsin Mining Laws - Scott Walker, Chris Cline, (Gtac) and his operatives challenged by local government. SWE Commentary

Links to the stats laws and Ashland County's Ordinance

Lobby money and the support of Wisconsin's Republicans have not yet been successful. State Senators Robert Cowles, Luther Olsen, Mike Ellis, and others who are afraid and cower before acolytes of big money; Senators Tom Tiffany, Scott "Baby cakes" Fitzgerald and Governor Scott Walker have not yet achieved success serving their masters on Wall Street. The voices for the water are being heard, protecting Lake Superior, defending Wisconsin's largest garden, the wild rice beds in the Kakagon Sloughs, and saving the Everglades of the North - The Bad River Watershed - from the ravages of open pit mining and greed are being heard throughout Wisconsin, across the continent, and internationally. 

We will stand together peacefully: guided the by principles nonviolence to protect our water for our children and all who will follow us from resource destruction. The ceremonies, drums, dancers, prayers, the spirits of the old ones are united. Please keep the prayers, the ceremonies, and the support for our efforts near and dear to your hearts and thoughts. We will thrive as well organize as we prepare to follow the long held tradition of America's civil disobedience.  We now need your help!

Resource destruction is an act of genocide, especially to those who rely of the gifts of nature for survival. Loud and boisterous voices have ignored the First Nations in Northern Wisconsin, marginalized the lifestyle family farmers, and ignored the voice of reason. 

Wisconsin’ long held conservation ethic has been cast aside – tossed out – cast aside – and or has just been forgotten as the technical age moves onward. Land once nourished and cherished has become just another commodity to be bought and sold, used and abused. Truth and justice have become are at the mercy of spin-doctors and high priced media monsters. Highly paid lobbyists roam across the landscape on the corporate dollar while those of us with the most to lose, struggle to protect and preserve nature’s bounty.

We need you help! We need those of you who will stand with us in peace and nonviolence. Help us to stand firm with you support (and a few bucks will help also.