07.31.14 Sami threatened - GTac/Beowulf Mining put $$$ before culture, tradition and nature.

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Sweden's Face Book Page          Embassy                     Ambassador          Prime Minister          Mining in the Northen Climes

06.27.13 Mining in Northern Climes: Whose Decision is it?  From Northen Wisconsin to Northern Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia) Treaties and Reserved Righs threatened “mining is a higher use” by politicians and the world’s richest corporations and families..

07.12.14 The resistance is growing! Sami reindeer herders fight giant iron mine

07..30.14 Hindu religious leader supports Sweden's Sami reindeer herders in their fight against a mining company 

07.30.14 The reindeer herders battling an iron ore mine in Sweden

Updates 07.27.14

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04.16.14 The real Mary Burke: How longtime friends and business partners describe her

07.21.14 Penokee Hills Education Project Provides the Truth Amid a Sea of Mining Misinformation

07.26.14 Report: Gold mine means 1,100 acres of wetlands will be dug up, destroyed or disturbed

07.24.14 Don't bring border children to Wisconsin, GOP leader says  Has the GOP no compassion? What happened to the Grand Old Party?

07.24.14 Under Water: The EPA’s Struggle to Combat Pollution

01.15.15 United Wisconsin calls on Rep. Joel Kleefisch to return campaign contributions connected to pay-to-play scandal

01.14.14 Watchdog Journalism: 1, Wisconsin Cronyism: 0 R

Updates 07.24.14

07.24.14 Unist'ot'en Camp Evicts A TransCanada Helicopter Crew

07.21.14 Fire Reported at Deer Run Mine

07.21.14 Fire Halts Operations For Deer Run Mine

07.18.14 Local, federal crews work to contain fire inside Deer Run Mine in Montgomery Co.

07.19.14 Foresight Energy Celebrates Public Debut on the New York Stock Exchange - The most ridiculous ritual that Youtube has preserved for the future. In their haste to perform these $acred ritual$ they were all so very moved that apparently everyone was speechle$$.  

07.17.14  Foresight Evacuates Workers After Fire Detected at Mine

07.17.14 Foresight fighting fire in Hillsboro, IL Mine

Updates 07.21.14

07.21.14 Is Nestle a threat to National Security? Nestle Continues To Bottle Water In Drought-Crippled California

07.21.14 Wisconsin's Waters Belong to Everyone Wisconsin DNR

07.21.14 Mining in the Penokee Hills  Midwest Environmental Activitist 

07.21.14 Federal Agecies addresses and links - Contact these and tell them to ptortect our water!

07.19 14 ACTION ALERT: Send Letters of Support to Stop Mining in the Penokees

07.18.14 The profound wisdom of GTac Executive Bob Seitz once again

07.18,14 Walker does not accept the sceintific facts - shoots form the lip

07.18.14 Chippewa, EPA set meeting on Gogebic mine

07.18.14 Six Nations protesters shut down Line 9 integrity dig 

07.16.14 DNR renews Gogebic exploration licenses

07.15.14 Patty Dreier State of Portage County Address

07.10.14 Report on July 9th Joint Mining Impact Meeting WoodsPersonBlog

07.08 14 The Incredible Expanding Pipeline Zenith Weekly and Carl Sack

07.03.14 WDNR Purchases 13,000 Acre Conservation Easement - Next to GTac Mine Site


06.17.14 Wood Trutles in the Penokees - Will they become “incidental kills”? 

06.14.14 Al Jeezera on Line  Television show:  Faultlines Wisconsin’s mining Standoff

06.13.14 Vote against VA bill puts Ron Johnson in the spotlight The Cap Times

06.12.14 AG Van Hollen: Clerks issuing same-sex marriage licenses could be prosecuted WKOW TV Madison


06.11.14 Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Koch brothers, in two books  Yahoo News

06.11.14 WDC's Mike McCabe: Law on Kochs' ad for Scott Walker is absurd Cap Times

06.10.14 Protester challenging Ryan allowed on ballot Cannel 3000.com

02.14.13 Amidst Controversy, Superior Days Promotes Mining Legislation Wisconsin Citizens Media Coop

01.11.12 Bill Williams - Say what - Another famous quote from $ Bill Williams, GTac Executive SavetheWatersedge.com

Updated 06.11.14

06.11.14 EXCLUSIVE — Arab TV Network Takes Aim at Elin Nordegren’s Boyfriend! 

69.11.14 Pat Robertson: Don’t ‘get your father busted’ if he threatens mom with a gun The Raw Story

06.11.14 Chris Cline, the New King Coal, Likes to Swing His Big Iron Fist Indian County Today repost from 08.22.13

06.10.14 A look at mining history, economy of NW Wisconsin FOX 11

06.10.14 Al Jeezera on Line  Television show:  Faultlines Wisconsin’s mining Standoff View the Promo

06.10.14 Troubled mining industry now resurgent in Midwest  MPR

06.10.14 To Wisconsin with Love Eastern Mennonite University documentary students' spring 2014 project "To Wisconsin with Love" about Wisconsin Penokee Hills Ojibwe/ally mine resistance and West Virginia water poisoning.

06.10.14 On the Front Lines of Wisconsin's Big-Money, Small-Town Iron Mine War VICE News

06.09.14  Is J. Matthew Fifield Back in Town?

06.09.14 Mine debate continues during fieldwork process Fox 11

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