Death on Maple Street  _ Justified or Murder?

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Northern Wisconsin has been shaken roughly and cruelly - the event as tragic as it is has cast the heavy shadow of doubt, sent waves of fear throughout the big woods, and has involved the communities and government offices from Red Cliff to Madison - from our Sheriffs department to the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office even the Ashland School Board and Ashland District Administrator and a couple of his principals want a piece of the action. Rumors are running rampant as the truth seems to be slowly emerging. For now a whole lot of healing needs to take place, fear must be addressed. What we do know is that a 14 year old boy was shot to death by an Ashland County Deputy Sheriff. Seems there is agreement on this fact - and beyond this fact, confusion, questions, eye witness accounts, a video recording, a review of dispatch tapes  and computer searches are among the evidence that may hold some of the what is the truth. What we do know is that Wisconsin’s Attorney General issued an Immediate Press Release that shared information that may or may not be accurate and certainly seems to have prejudiced the public opinion.

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