Border Town 

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Border Town: by Rob Ganson

Shootouts on Main street

prostitution in the jail

citizenship on a sliding scale

A young boy dies in a hail of lead

How many have died?

How many have bled?

Uninvited guests came to stay

to take the rights of first peoples away

to poison the waters a hundred ways

Smokestacks pierce a once clear sky

rivers thicken, wild rice dies

I hear the fallen forests cry

We Europeans call this civilization

while we cage the first people

on small reservations

We even want to bomb the hills

pass our filthy mining bills

to hone our destructive skills

Smoke now etches the skies

quicksilver fills the waters

the minds of our sons and daughters

Below our feet, a blacksnake hums

drowning out the sound of drums

Kings reap riches, the people, crumbs

A once sacred Island, a resort for the rich

a place for the wealthy to scratch every itch

Another stream becomes a drainage ditch

We tear at our mother with wolves of steel

looking for another golden meal

Her every protection is repealed

This mourning I saw an eagle on high

and broke inside, imagining

the tear in her eye

Murder on Maple Street?