Response to Shimels “Immedidate Press Release” 11/13/17

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Response to Shimel’s Immediate Press Release


Good afternoon AG Brad Shimel

The Immediate News Release sent by your office has raised questions and concerns:

1. Who supplied the information that led to this News Release?

2. On the day this release was issued did you realize the gym was packed in Odanah for a week end of prayer, grief, hugs, and helping our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and family members help a young man on his journey to the other side.  The timing of your press release is thought to be inconsiderate, callous, insensitive, and rude. These comments resonate across the woods, water, and wilderness of the North. There may a very plausible explanation for your press release as seen through the lens of the AG's office - please feel free to provide an explanation.

3. The speed at which this News Release was interesting in that the previous two on going investigations in Ashland county include an officer shooting a person in Ashland's main street and the prostitution/sexual contact that involved the tragic death of an Ashland County jailer.  Citizens have been patiently waiting for a response form the 30-day investigation period.  So far no news and in the case of a young boy shot and killed by an Ashland County officer a news release goes out state wide, which has led to all kinds of references to "suicide by police.  Who supplied the information referencing the lunging with a knife while the deputy was retreating?  I have received an eyewitness account that tells a very different story.  I am not challenging the facts presented in your news release; I would like to know what is available for public record at this time. Seems that any information used to substantiate your state press release should be open for public review and access to this information is needed. 

4. Will the 911 tapes be made available regarding the time frame from when the officer was paged out until the shooting. Many questions have surfaced and these may be speculation, however, rather than waiting for the thorough investigation of DOJ, your News Release has forced us to respond with our own Immediate News Release and press conference. The purpose of this email is to determine fact from fiction and let the facts fall where they may. 

Fear is stronger that anger - Our young men and women tell me "now it is here" - we are brown people and afraid - afraid of the very institutions and people who are supposed to keep the peace, seek justice, and do no harm. I do not know it your investigation is over and your News Release is the final word or if there will be more to come. In all honesty - until these comments are addressed and questions answered, community healing will be long time coming. At present the investigations and conduct of the local authorities and the state offices running the investigations seem to have been compromised by your, what many believe untimely release.

I have include a poem by Rob Ganson, Aardvark Society poet-in-residence which provides the words to express our emotions and I will thank you in advance for cooperation.

For the Aardvark Society